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Awesome Resource!

I like the way that this tool is set up for the classroom. By allowing for students to create work and allow for teacher and peer access, it makes collaboration easy and fun. Once work is completed, students can share it with family, friends, and virtually anyone who they would like to see their work.
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Book Creator engages all type of students and teachers!

I think Book Creator is an amazing resource. I think it brings engagement and is an incredible platform that can be used for all ages and subjects.
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Book Creator - a must-have in a classroom

I like when a lot is going on in my class, my students are active and show me what they have learned in their own way. Thanks to Book Creator, I can develop my students' creativity, give them choices and make sense of what we do in out classroom. Book creator is a tool that allows me to increase my students' engagement without me spending tons of hours on designing a lesson. They just create, enjoy the process and learn from each other so much!
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You are Simply the Best.

I explained before but I discovered it because we had a project to with European Week in class and my students prepared different books about all countries in Europe. Some of them wanted to do more of one because they felt so motivating using this tool. Amazing. Highly recommended.
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Fantastic EdTech tool to create beautiful digital portfolios for music!

I love Bookcreator and my overall opinion of Bookcreator tool is very high with mainly pros. I like that you can add any content to a book, including text, video , audio, images, stickers not only from inside Bookcreator but also embeds from external apps such as Flip, Adobe Creative Cloud Express, Nearpod and Soundtrap amongst many more. This makes the perfect digital portfolio to look amazing. One slightly small con is that you can not copy and paste an image from outside Bookcreator straight into a page, it needs to be downloaded into the device and then uploaded to the page which doe not save time. It would also be amazing to have a feature to lock teacher's comments or content to avoid students deleting feedback or important information.
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A cool, fantastic and amazing app. I find it really helpful for EAL students to use book creator that helps them to involve in active learning that also aiding in exploring their creative sides in producing their work while learning.

The impact on teaching and learning is where teaching was a lot easy. It showcased creativity of students and present their work in a very fantastic way. Also, while observing my students, it became apparent to me that to increase effectiveness of my lessons, I had to focus with the way the task is given into practice. My students were included and engaged in the task, they used their prior knowledge and complete the activity successfully. I managed to even ask them few questions with regards of the experience using the tool. Moving forward, I would definitely use this activity to be adapted into different types of learning a text and making my students to reflect their learning. Their learning was evident when all of them were able to demonstrate working in the evaluation level of Bloom's Taxonomy level during the task. They communicated well and collaborated throughout the task i.e they suggested to their friends in what kind of pictures, texts that they could use in making their poster to look amazing. They were excited in using Book Creator as they managed to be an independent explorer who is responsible for their own learning.
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Book Creator is easy to use, and even non-experts can create a complete and visually appealing digital book in just a few steps. It's suitable for all school orders. I recommend it

I have known Book Creator since 2015 and I have noticed that over time this tool has improved a lot both in terms of resources it offers (constantly growing) and in terms of accessibility. In fact, it is not necessary to waste a lot of time searching for images or emoticons, because everything is within reach. I would also like to underline the great attention that has been reserved to pupils with special educational needs, in fact it's possible not only to listen to the texts written automatically, but also to have an alternative text and audio for each image to help the blind.
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Book Creator is an excellent tool that allows us to express our creativity, to communicate and collaborate with others more easily. I especially like its speech-to-text features. Book Creator, with its multitude of remixable books, enlivens our teaching

The first time I used Book Creator with the students, it took me a few minutes to explain all the features and what each button is for, but this year I recorded a video, so I think it will be easier for the new generation to get to know Book Creator. Perhaps such features could be set in advance for the buttons so that the students could study them independently on their own initiative.
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Book Creator is an incredibly easy-to-use digital book creation tool with almost unlimited usage options: a story, a comic, but also a scientific report, a group research or a personal essay will never be the same or boring.

Book Creator is suitable for any subject or school level, from primary to upper secondary school, flexible and adaptable to different contexts and situations.
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English not Required

Just when I though Book Creator could not get any better, they come along and find ways to be more accessible for students. From audio and video creation to drawing and selecting from 120+ languages, Book Creator continues to be a space where students can nurture their content creation skills and share their stories. Whether creating an individualized book or working collaboratively with their classroom peers or their global ones, Book creator is a tool that students have a plethora of options for creation and several ways to share their final products with their peers and parents. Building relationships, demonstrating new knowledge, and amplifying counter-narratives are just a few of the ways Book Creator can be utilized with all learners regardless of language, ability, or idea.
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