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I absolutely love this game for further practice in a variety of english/language topics. It is a fantastic app especially for my lower readers who still can use extra practice with everything from rhyming to prefixes to homophones! The app has TONS of levels and options and it keeps students engaged for a LONG time! The basic program is works great, but it would be nice if they sold the extra "packs" in one BIG MEGA pack of all of them together (instead of having to pay 99 cents a piece).

How I Use It

I use this app anytime I want to review different parts of speech/language skills. I use this app as an "add-on" practice after teaching/reviewing a variety of language skills. The program is much more effective for my lower range students than upper, even though even my upper level students like to challenge themselves and see if they can get all the matching words "even faster". My students have a lot of fun learning with this app and I'm looking forward to using/introducing it with my next class.