Interactive and exciting vocabulary game

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

As s teaching tool, Bluster is a great app to reinforce vocabulary and word skills taught in class. This app has a simple foundation to its game mode, but students need to critically think in order to correctly match the terms in the game. In order to support students with lower levels of learning, I feel that Bluster should allow a user to limit the number of items to match in the game. Perhaps it could have a game mode where you have to match definitions or pick words that relate to a given definition.

How I Use It

I use Bluster with students in small groups and often in versus mode. Students enjoy competing against one another to earn the battle features of the versus game mode and matching all of the terms to win the game. Since some of the vocabulary terms can be difficult for students, it can be helpful for students to work as partners or have an adult to assist in word meanings. Another great feature of the app is that there are different game modes, skill levels, and different vocabulary terms. Being an app that is easy to use and understand, students can play the various features of the game on their own or in a center.