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Sharpen vocabulary skills with Bluster!

Bluster provides a simple and effective way to help students practice their vocabulary skills. There are a variety of player choices (single, team, versus a partner), levels (3) and word matching types (rhyming, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, word roots, homophones, and adjectives). This makes it easy to differentiate with learners. Students like being able to control how they play the app. There is positive feedback when the word match is done correctly. However, there is no feedback if the match is incorrect. The timer keeps going and the level isn't be completed. This app is a good resource for vocabulary review that can be used in the classroom or at home.
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Basic Creative Word Game

This app is a good for using with basic skills in rhyming, prefixes and synonyms.
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Interactive and exciting vocabulary game

As s teaching tool, Bluster is a great app to reinforce vocabulary and word skills taught in class. This app has a simple foundation to its game mode, but students need to critically think in order to correctly match the terms in the game. In order to support students with lower levels of learning, I feel that Bluster should allow a user to limit the number of items to match in the game. Perhaps it could have a game mode where you have to match definitions or pick words that relate to a given definition.
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Great app to build vocabulary and word knowledge.

This app is a great tool for students to enhance and improve vocabulary and other language arts skills like synonyms, word order, or antonyms. I liked the rigor of the game; it was not easy for the students to figure out. Many students had to give some thought to answers they were picking. Additionally, it allowed students to become familiar with words they may not have been familiar with previously. Studentswere able to have practice material to utilize that was interactive and engaging. There were not a lot of directions, so it took some trial and error to figure out how to play the games.
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Fun, multiplayer, word building app!

One of my favorite things about this app is that it can be single player or multiplayer. The option to play team or versus for multiplayer is great. Team for when I want some skill and confidence building for a struggling student or versus for when I want students to practice against each other. I haven't paid for any packs, but there is quite a bit to do with the free version.
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I absolutely love this game for further practice in a variety of english/language topics. It is a fantastic app especially for my lower readers who still can use extra practice with everything from rhyming to prefixes to homophones! The app has TONS of levels and options and it keeps students engaged for a LONG time! The basic program is works great, but it would be nice if they sold the extra "packs" in one BIG MEGA pack of all of them together (instead of having to pay 99 cents a piece).
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Simple vocabulary building tool for elementary students.

This is a great app for centers, small group, or whole class. Good for skill and drill practice. It is free but you can add content via an In-App purchase.
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