Normally Amazing, but...

Submitted 3 months ago
Casey G.
Casey G.
Rostraver Elementary School
Rostraver Township PA, US
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The customer service end, so far, has not been very helpful. I have been locked out of my account for about a month now, ever since the new security update earlier this school year. The update just wanted to send a verification code to everyone's email with a security code. Once each teacher enters the code, your account would be unlocked. However, the code typically does not get sent to my email, at all. On the rare chance that it does, it does not get delivered until about an hour after I request it and the codes are only good for about 10 minutes.

I've been emailing back and forth with customer for about a month now, and the issue still isn't resolved. I've gone over a week without hearing anything from customer service, most recently. When I do hear something, I typically get the same response that explains the security update, but it does not actually change/fix anything. One wonderful worker did manage to unlock my account on my phone (app), but I still am unable to use Bloomz on any computer (website). I've also tried searching for and requesting Bloomz's phone number, so I can just call in and do it all over the phone. That request has always been completely ignored each time.

I usually love the app and so do my classroom parents, but I see no reason that this isn't shouldn't have been resolved by now.

How I Use It

I use Bloomz to communicate with my classroom families, provide updates about happenings in our school, and allow parents to communicate among each other.