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Normally Amazing, but...

The customer service end, so far, has not been very helpful. I have been locked out of my account for about a month now, ever since the new security update earlier this school year. The update just wanted to send a verification code to everyone's email with a security code. Once each teacher enters the code, your account would be unlocked. However, the code typically does not get sent to my email, at all. On the rare chance that it does, it does not get delivered until about an hour after I request it and the codes are only good for about 10 minutes. I've been emailing back and forth with customer for about a month now, and the issue still isn't resolved. I've gone over a week without hearing anything from customer service, most recently. When I do hear something, I typically get the same response that explains the security update, but it does not actually change/fix anything. One wonderful worker did manage to unlock my account on my phone (app), but I still am unable to use Bloomz on any computer (website). I've also tried searching for and requesting Bloomz's phone number, so I can just call in and do it all over the phone. That request has always been completely ignored each time. I usually love the app and so do my classroom parents, but I see no reason that this isn't shouldn't have been resolved by now.
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Parent-Teacher connectedness

Teacher can share assignments, post videos and monitor progresses with a virtual portfolio. All of this benefits both teachers and parents by showing a child's learning progression through pictures, videos and work. The app also has a behavior monitoring option as well. The greatest advantage to using this app is the ease of communication between parents and teachers. I highly recommend this app for any classroom.
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Communication Hub!

Hands down best communication tool for announcements, assignments, sign ups and reminders!
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Gain parent interaction and participation

I absolutely love this app for parental involvement and communication. It is user friendly for both the parents and the teacher. I love that I can give room parents access for party planning and such. The pictures is a nice addition so that parents know and feel apart of what is gong on in the classroom.
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I cannot say enough about Bloomz. I adore the app and my kids do too because it allows them to always be engaged and know what is going on.
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Bloomz is a Game Changer in My Classroom!

Bloomz has been a game changer in my classroom. Parent communication is seamless now and I feel like I have a better relationship with families as a result of Bloomz.
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Great app for sharing calendars and events with parents!

This tool has been an amazing life save for me. I'm able to communicate with parents easily as well as indicate which times I am available and set "off hours." Communication and planning with parents has never been easier. I plan to look further into the behavior tracking and portfolio features so I can implement them in my next school year. I liked how I could learn a few features at a time and gradually implement new ones as I feel needed.
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Digital Portfolios: Capturing Student Learning and Progress

With minimalism and tiny houses being a trend, it makes the most sense for elementary teachers to utilize a digital portfolio for student work. Millennial parents are on the rise and a digital portfolio is much like the Facebook timeline or Instagram feed. The documents will always exist, are easily accessed with a link, and don’t take up physical space. I post a letter sounds assessment in the beginning of the year and another towards the end so that parents can see the changes. I’m posting these in the weeks before our spring parent teacher conferences so that parents have an idea of specific literacy goals that have been achieved and still need work. When I post the assessment in the portfolio, parents learn this information before we meet to chat at conferences. They have time to digest it and can plan on what they'd like to say. One update I might like to see in Bloomz digital portfolios is subcategories for each subject within the portfolio feature. For example, math could be one subcategory. I would upload all math work samples in the math portfolio so that users can scroll down and see just the math progress. Time will tell how these digital portfolios evolve. The tool helps keep parents aware of specific learning targets in my classroom. The communication is constantly flowing. I am excited to see where the technology leads and how it continues to change parent teacher communication and assessment.
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It's a Game Changer!

As a teacher of kids who don't read, I can't say I use it specifically as a teaching tool. However, it most definitely has influenced all the other areas in my classroom.
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Behavior management, parent communication, and sign-up sheets, all rolled into one app!

Overall, I really enjoy Bloomz as a teaching tool. While I did score the app low on pedagogy, I feel this is because it is more of a classroom management tool than a critical thinking tool. I have used this application for about three weeks in my kindergarten class and have found the students more engaged in managing their behavior and earning points by participating that in the past with comparable apps. While it does take a while to set up (adding students, adding/inviting parents to join, setting behaviors, etc.), the end product is well worth it. It helps manage behavior so that I can spend more time focusing on teaching and it encourages the students to participate and work hard to meet their goal.
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