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Pros: The video clips are highly entertaining and perfect for teaching money sense and exploring business concepts.

Cons: Video episodes can seem cheesy, and most linked websites and activities are more appropriate for middle grades.

Bottom Line: Biz Kid$ is a great introduction to financial literacy, with linked activities as well as frequently updated interactive video clips and a blog.

The Teachers section includes lesson plans and activities that connect the Biz Kid$ content to your classroom and curriculum. You can design a unit using the video episodes, which are downloadable from the site, or you can buy DVDs.

At its core, Biz Kid$ is an online TV channel that provides short, engaging video segments that teach business and financial concepts using pop-culture references. It's a fun and effective way to reach middle and high school-age students. The episodes are well-made and humorous, with no inappropriate references or language.

You'll find six sections along the top of each screen. The first section contains an archive of the short video episodes, with the newest episode featured on top. Each episode has a brief synopsis. The second section contains the Biz Kid$ blog, with entries for parents alternating with entries for kids. It offers useful resources and tackles current events in the business and financial worlds. Topics are divided so you can quickly find what interests you: Money Facts, Business Plans, Fundraisers, Parent Tips, and more. Entries link to related resources, too. For example, a Careers entry links to a sample resume for a high school student and lists the most commonly asked interview questions.

The Students section has plenty of resources, and the Biz Kid$ blog is a great source of news that seems to be written for both kids and adults. Best of all, the site is updated frequently, and between blog updates and new video episodes, kids can go back to the site again and again.

Navigating the site is pretty straightforward. The third section has all previous editions of the now defunct Vault Newsletter, which spotlighted a young entrepreneur in each issue and had some useful content. The next section highlights several handpicked and interactive games from around the Web, which do a great job of teaching important skills. For example, the "Dollar a Glass" game teaches supply and demand in a fun, competitive way. A student section offers savings plan calculators, investment tips, and budget worksheets.

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Pop-culture parodies get teens into business and finance. The short video episodes with young actors are engaging.



The real-world knowledge in the lessons is presented in an accessible way that should stick with teens.



Except for the blog, which gets updated, the site itself is mostly static reading. Still, you get lesson plans and activities.


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Intro to Finance

What I liked about the website is that is it extremely user friendly and it appeals to a wide range of learners. The different sections within the site teach students about young entrepreneurs, financial and business concepts, sample high school resumes are available with possible interview questions, as well games that demonstrate supply and demand. The site also offers learners the opportunity to budget and investment plans.

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