Simple group games may boost participation, won't foster deep thinking

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Game-Based Learning, Instructional Strategies

Price: Free to try
Platforms: Web

Pros: Students don't need their own device to play, and teachers can create games to fit their needs.

Cons: Busy quiz and question presentation can feel overwhelming, and filters for browsing through published games aren't particularly helpful.

Bottom Line: These quick quizzes are easy to implement and can be a fun diversion, but they're designed for rote recall.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Teachers should know that with Baamboozle, students play in groups rather than as individuals. The groups choose a question and answer it verbally, and then the teacher can record whether their response was correct. Use the group quizzes to check overall class comprehension, review topics, or see generally what students know before starting a new unit. Teachers will not get a sense of how any individual student is doing, however. If they want to use the quizzes to teach something rather than review, teachers can show the questions to the class using the slideshow feature, or let the groups study the questions on their own with the study feature. Quizzes can also be a fun icebreaker for a new class, or simply a moment of fun competition to get different students working together. Check out the teacher and user guides for ideas on how to set ground rules and how to use the quizzes. Browse through collections by number of questions or when they were posted, or make your own. There's also an extensive list of languages, but only games in English appeared during review, even after selecting other languages. If using a posted quiz, teachers should preview it to make sure it's relevant for their class; if it's not, teachers can edit the quiz to make it fit their needs. Or teachers could also have small groups of students make quizzes to then present to the rest of the class.

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Fast pace and friendly competition add some fun to the regular classroom routine. Mixing students up in teams can also shake things up. Visual presentation is a bit busy.


There's lots of variety in posted content and flexibility in what teachers can create, but it's less likely to inspire deeper thinking. Slideshow and study options let students review the material.


Blogs and how-to's give teachers some guidance. Other than organizing and saving certain quizzes, teachers have no tools and no way to track answers or student progress.

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Students beg to play!

From the beginning I paid for the Baamboozle+ membership and felt the fee was reasonable compared to some of the other similar edutech sites available. I use it daily because there are a wide variety of games pre-made by other users and the search function is helpful in finding what I want. If I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, creating a game is easy and fast. I like to use it for test reviews, warm-up and cool-downs and as a way to keep students engaged. One thing I would like to see would be a better way to keep the games saved in a folder.

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