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A few times a year, I'll project the students work. The best part is when they look back at the work they did the year before or even several yeas before! This helps build confidence by showing positive progress. If I had access to computers, I would have student use some of the 'reflection' tools and incorporate the use of aesthetics type vocabulary. There is a lot teachers can do with this, involving parents too.

How I Use It

Artsonia is a portfolio. Students at my school will have a catalogue of art work beginning in the 1st grade and through their 12th grade year. I take a photo of each project, including sketchbook quizzes,e tc. Parents use Artsonia to track their Childs work and how it aligns with my syllabus. Grandparents, relatives and friends who like in other cities, states, and countries can also track the students work (such a nice feature).