Wonderful resource for animal research.

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I found this website while searching for kid suitable websites to use for our Endangered Animal Unit. This website is really great if kids need a reliable site to research info about animals. Thy include info on habitat, habits, appearance, endangered status, and conservation efforts. The info for each animal is relatively high level so if you work with low functioning kids or lower grades, this may be difficult for them to understand. My on level 6th grade students have no problem with the info. They do have great resources for all grade levels with games, projects and activities to teach ideas like classification and diversity.

How I Use It

I assign each of my students an endangered animal for their expository writing piece. After I model how to use the website, I let them go and find the info they need to complete the report. They really do a great job finding, organizing, planning, and publishing their reports. Once again, this worked better with my grade level learners. The lower level kids just copied info without really understanding what it meant and their reports were confusing or awkwardly worded. There is more in depth information about endangered status on this website. Most websites just say an animal is endangered or not. On this website, the kids can discover what level; least concern, near threatened, vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, extinct in the wild, and extinct. The kids didn't realize there were different variations, and had never heard of extinct in the wild before. We played a game where they had to work as teams to find animals in all categories and explain what the categories meant. They were so upset to see that gorillas are critically endangered and will be extinct in 40 years if we don't do something.

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