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English Language Arts, Health & Wellness

Price: Free to try
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Easily accessible drills with fun animal theme; multiple keyboard layouts are available.

Cons: Drills can be repetitive, and the Lite version includes just a few levels.

Bottom Line: This free version is a solid typing test-drive with some positive perks, but using an external keyboard is probably best.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Use Animal Typing - Lite to preview the drills and available functions. Because there are only a limited number of drills in the free version, students won't get very far. If teachers like the Animal Typing approach, they'll need to buy a set of lessons or the full app. Typing drills can be incorporated into a regular routine for small increments over time. For example, start every day with 10 minutes of typing practice -- or have it available as an option during rotating stations. There's space for up to seven profiles, so multiple students could use a single device. Though the touch screen does show a keyboard, using it doesn't properly mimic real typing, and there are no keys to "feel," so learning touch-typing will be next to impossible. Teachers should ideally have an actual keyboard connected to the tablet so that students can practice typing properly. With the paid version, teachers can create their own drills, which could help make typing practice more interesting and relevant. For example, teachers could include text that ties into material they're covering in other subjects.

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Typing drills can get dull, but an animal theme, points for speed and accuracy, and some other extras help make things a bit more exciting.


Students learn typing by practicing. Drills introduce new keys step-by-step and provide repetitive practice to encourage the forming of muscle memories.


A help menu clearly explains all the features and premade drills. Save progress and points in up to seven user profiles.

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