Photography/ Art Educator

Submitted 4 years ago
Robyn B.
Robyn B.
West Jordan High
West Jordan UT, US
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My Take

I think this is an innovative way of teaching, that makes kids think outside the box. I love that it is super simple to use, customizable, and that you can really teach students a lot about videography leading up to using this app. It lets kids get up and moving, and creating! I do think that in some ways this can be hard because it will take multiple class periods, and will take time to get great results from students.

How I Use It

So I can use this to create quick videos for my students to teach a basic idea. As an end of the year photography class, I want my students to get in groups and explain how to use a DSLR camera to someone else. It tests their knowledge in a create outlet. I know at first they will take time learning how to use the platform, and I can show them things.... but because they are so tech savy, I know they will love this lesson.