Adobe Spark updates facilitate free & SAFE access!

Submitted 4 years ago
Krissy P.
Krissy P.
Instructional Coach
Northbrook Junior High School
Northbrook IL, US
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I deeply value tools that can be used across content areas with easy initial setup for teachers. Managing these accounts with Adobe Creative Cloud took some time to set up, and logging in to our Enterprise IDs seems to have room for some improvement, but the capabilities of the tool itself provide extensive instructional value. Students can easily import and upload videos, adding captions and titles intuitively. Students select photos from a database of free-to-use images, or can easily upload their own. Adobe's recent integration of the Noun Project icons has allowed us to go even further when building infographics, eliminating the need to learn a different tool with premium options. Spark's one page websites have been a perfect way for students to publish work, which we then embed into websites and across other apps to share widely. Spark is easy to use and friendly for kids, yet brings a level of sophistication that is sure to improve the output of any user. Students take pride in the work they create with Adobe Spark, and the focused opportunities to add colors and graphics ensures a high-quality outcome every single time.

How I Use It

We've utilized Spark Page to publish student writing, Spark Page to create graphics with multimedia elements (including photos with captions and infographics icons), and Spark Video to easily share video clips via the web on shared devices. Moving forward, we will blend the capabilities of Spark Post and Video to add additioonal multimedia elements to Spark Page.