I really like how engaging it is for a younger audience. Being able to find that balance between fun and learning is very important and I feel like AdaptedMind comes close to that. I also like how each students strength and weaknesses are accounted for.

Submitted 1 year ago
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I liked how unique it is and how it is very student driven in the sense that problems are created from the students strengths/weaknesses. I think it will be able to hold a students attention more than a traditional way of doing problems. A good idea (might be too distracting) but to have some sort of point system for how many problems are correct. These points can then be used to buy some sort of character or something along the lines of that. This may be a little distracting in the sense that kids will be focused on the prizes but I know it will get them wanting to work!

How I Use It

I have not used this with any students yet. I have only gone through it myself.