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Very fun for kids and easy to use

Overall it is an amazing learning application. It is unusual to see a free app that also has no advertisements whatsoever in it and on top has such a great value. I, as a parent and teacher, love that I can assign topics and keep track of my kid’s progress. From what I saw the developers of the application are continuously releasing new content so I am guessing they will at some point cover all grades.
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Excellent app for the school and support for the teachers

The app is super good for school and it's free too. There are very good useful school topics in Spanish, math and science. There is something the app needs. It lacks more feedbacks when students make mistakes and there should be more give ups where it should be written more.
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Excellent new discovery, great help for teachers

I've been working with Anton for my the lessons for a while. I find it really stimulating for the students and it also makes learning a little bit more fun. Students can download the app for free and, surprisingly, it's ad-free. The app offers all of the subjects I teach (Math, Science and English) and from what I've seen many others like Music and Social Studies. The exercises are very fun, short, to the point and easy to understand, so they fit as the perfect complement for a lesson. I've noticed some students have even started to use the app independently outside of the classroom. There are also nice games apparently aimed for younger students, which they can play using the coins they earn each time they complete and exercise. So it is some kind of virtuous circle; the more they learn, the more they play games. Of course there are still some things that can be improved and I hope they will soon expand their curriculum to the higher grades. Until then, I just recommend this app for teachers willing to bring some freshness into their classrooms.
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A great tool for teachers in the classroom

I honestly think this is one of the best free learning apps. The interface is very clean (in comparison to some others which I find overwhelming and too busy) and easy to use. The lessons are very interactive and to the point which is great for kids - especially the younger ones. I wish they would separate Social Studies and Science into individual grades instead of making them K-2 and 3-5. I find it is a bit too easy to the older grades. Otherwise, no complaints. Kids are also encouraged to keep trying and have unlimited chances to complete levels and exercises. I think this is encouraging for them and helps motivate them to keep trying. There seems to be feedback where it is needed, otherwise they just learn by doing. Further, they create very diverse content and all my students can find themselves in the content. That's also not to be undervalued in my opinion. Overall fantastic app.
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