Very fun for kids and easy to use

Submitted 7 months ago
Rodrigo G.
Rodrigo G.
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My Take

Overall it is an amazing learning application. It is unusual to see a free app that also has no advertisements whatsoever in it and on top has such a great value. I, as a parent and teacher, love that I can assign topics and keep track of my kid’s progress.

From what I saw the developers of the application are continuously releasing new content so I am guessing they will at some point cover all grades.

How I Use It

When I first started using the app, I let my kids just play with it freely. There are many exercises for many different grades they can explore on their own. Mainly there are a lot of math , language, science and music exercises. They also have kind of reward system: when you successfully complete an exercise you gain coins which you can then use to customize your Avatar in the app or redeem to play games inside the app. My kids love this incentive, especially the pixel paint game.

I recently started to use the groups function in the app to assign my kids specific exercises every so often, that way they practice specific topics they need to learn or topics they need to improve in. I can keep track of the exercises they do and also on how they perform which is a big plus.