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Polyup lets students play with numbers

Polyup is AMAZING! They listen to teachers, and want to help us! If you reach out to them on social media, you will hear back, and they will listen to your ideas. I've seen several of my ideas become reality in's fantastic, and the only limit of it is your immagination. EDIT: I forgot to mention how AWESOME Polyup is in 3D. If your kids are into coding and robotics, you will be amazed at what they make. I am always a step behind what my kids are doing, and that is an incredible feeling as a teacher when a student wants to teach you something. :) Go play with numbers!
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Students have fun learning with game-like tool

My take is that this is a powerful teaching tool that enables me to coach students as they problem solve and correct errors in process logic. My kids enjoy this because of its game-like structure. They also enjoy finding errors and making corrections, which is the best way for them to learn math. I have found that students who would take 40 minutes to do a 20 problem worksheet will accomplish the same set of problems in 15 minutes with a far greater retention rate.
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