Students have fun learning with game-like tool

Submitted 3 years ago
Marc P.
Marc P.
Willard Intermediate
Santa Ana CA, US
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My Take

My take is that this is a powerful teaching tool that enables me to coach students as they problem solve and correct errors in process logic. My kids enjoy this because of its game-like structure. They also enjoy finding errors and making corrections, which is the best way for them to learn math. I have found that students who would take 40 minutes to do a 20 problem worksheet will accomplish the same set of problems in 15 minutes with a far greater retention rate.

How I Use It

I use this tool twice a week to reinforce lessons and to review critical skills. The students like the logic flow and intuitively grasp the reverse Polish logic. I have found that special education learners and low literacy learners are sometimes the first to finish lessons because the product is not language-driven. I have also had advanced learners who have designed their own problems.