Polyup lets students play with numbers

Submitted 2 years ago
Andy B.
Andy B.
Falcon Ridge Middle School
Apple Valley MN, US
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My Take

Polyup is AMAZING! They listen to teachers, and want to help us! If you reach out to them on social media, you will hear back, and they will listen to your ideas. I've seen several of my ideas become reality in Polyup...it's fantastic, and the only limit of it is your immagination.

EDIT: I forgot to mention how AWESOME Polyup is in 3D. If your kids are into coding and robotics, you will be amazed at what they make. I am always a step behind what my kids are doing, and that is an incredible feeling as a teacher when a student wants to teach you something. :)
Go play with numbers!

How I Use It

I have used Polyup since it launched, and loved it since day one. At first, Polyup started out as a fun puzzle game for me. I love math puzzles, and that's what Polyup is--or was--and now it's so much more, and so much better!

I teach 7th grade math, and use Polyup activities in my room several times a week. I'm always able to quickly find or make something related to what we are doing in class, or I'm able to find a great warm-up activity that I know my students will be engaged in. Polyup honestly let's student PLAY with numbers. There is no penalty for making a mistake in Polyup and kids can see what is happening when they work on a "machine" as they are called.

I especially love using it when working with integers. When a 7th grade student is given a problem of 7 + (-5), I know that I'm going to hear four different possible answers: 12, -12, 2, and -2. Polyup let's students develop an understanding of how these positive and negative numbers work, and they will develop their own rules rather than just memorizing and forgetting.

I absolutely love Polyup. Yes, it can be daunting at first, but they have so many resources available for teachers. There are MANY machines already pre-made that are aligned to Common Core Standard that you can just assign to your students through Google Classroom, or you can make your own and make the machines fit with what you are doing in class.