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Amazing product!

I love that the content is split into standards, making it easy for me to see what is being either assessed or taught. I also love that I can create my own assignments or use pre-made assignments and see student progress along the way! This has been soo fun for my Kindergarten class - this year and last!
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My students like it, but doesn't pose any challenges.

My kids like it, but the questions asked are simple for science.
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Most games are bad.

I like some games but some are bugging and crash you're computer
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Join NOW!!!

Legends of Learning has a healthy balance of stunning visuals, tutorials, structured standards -based question - answer format, games, "brain breaks" and popular video game elements such as skins, dances, energy for the battles, etc. This game is a fun way to introduce, practice or review content and prepare for tests. It is far superior in terms of engagement to traditional question / answer then visual reward programs. The report item feature goes to a form for developers to review, which is great for teachers and students who worry about the occasional vague or mistaken item. My only critique is my students were so excited and engaged, they found the game a little slow on Chromebooks during peak school WiFi traffic times. Overall, great game design, excellent navigation, super curriculum item specifications. I can't wait to see the next iteration of the game.
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Great gaming format for teaching 6th grade Earth Science!

I love it! It offers an alternative to teaching lessons in a gaming format that students love.
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The games and content are directly aligned with the standard! It gives an interactive approach toward learning for the students!

This product was just what I needed in transition to the virtual learning experience. It tapped into the students needs and offered a way to exhaul with gaming material that was directly aligned to the standards being taught. The was the perfect tool to keep the students engaged in the learning process even when they where not focused on learning. The games kept the students focused so much so that they did not realize that they were learning. The overall experience was amazing for the teachers as well as the students.
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Great engaging resource to put in your teaching tool box!

I liked that teachers can choose the assignment progression, including assessment questions between either instructional games or review games. The data given for the assignment also shows how long a student takes on each assignment to show where they struggle, and those that didn't take the time to try. The simulations are great resources for the physical science classes that I have, especially for online learning.
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Zooming through Learning

I love how the students are able to play a game while learning. The repetition that are in the games helps solidify the concept.
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Legends of learning has created a fun space for my students to engage in the scientific ideas already presented in my classroom. it makes learning into play

I really liked this application and found myself playing with my students. I would love more classes on how to use it as direct instruction and not just a supplement.
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Where students can play their way to learning the objective of the day!

I do review the games often. Two things I always say must be a part of every game. 1 - ALL games should have all written words read aloud. (option to mute). 2) Check that reading levels are age appropriate. Sometimes the students cannot access the games and I haven't figured out what is wrong... Also, please allow sound to changed in the preview - sometimes the music is so loud I can't think. Can the students be able to find and play games related to different topics? Can students battle each other head to head? Can classes have teams to battle each other? Can classes be made into one team to challenge another class? And could it be done beyond the school walls? Where do you get your science information? Sometimes it isn't right. What type of jobs do you have? :) Thank you for this platform.
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