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Submitted 1 year ago
S S.
S S.
Apalachee Elementary Magnet School of The Arts
Tallahassee FL, US
My Rating

My Take

Legends of Learning has a healthy balance of stunning visuals, tutorials, structured standards -based question - answer format, games, "brain breaks" and popular video game elements such as skins, dances, energy for the battles, etc. This game is a fun way to introduce, practice or review content and prepare for tests. It is far superior in terms of engagement to traditional question / answer then visual reward programs. The report item feature goes to a form for developers to review, which is great for teachers and students who worry about the occasional vague or mistaken item. My only critique is my students were so excited and engaged, they found the game a little slow on Chromebooks during peak school WiFi traffic times. Overall, great game design, excellent navigation, super curriculum item specifications. I can't wait to see the next iteration of the game.

How I Use It

I use Legends of Learning for remediation, practice and acceleration in Math and Science. I found enrichment topics that students wanted to learn such as Personal Finance. The video game elements kept them engaged.