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I think that with them telling my students false info is dumb
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Excellent introduction to coding.

I really liked that it was text based as opposed to the block dragging code offered by other programs. It was like coding with training wheels because they had to learn to "debug" and think about program flow. I really liked that it has the graphical library that allows the students to easily build and visualize abstract code.
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Teaching Kids Coding Beyond Blocks

This is a great tool to get students interested in writing text-based code. The ToolBox is helpful for the beginning, to allow the students to add the code, using the "block" format that many are familiar with, but the step-by-step instructions require them to edit the text and learn real Python code writing. Some of the later lessons get very intense and may lose students who are not fully committed to coding.
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A step up from Scratch

As a teacher, I needed to find a coding exercise that was appropriate to an wide range of experienced students. Codesters was wonderful because there are a variety of entry and exit points. the students were especially engaged by the debugging activities.
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You don't have to be a computer programmer to teach Codesters Python Coding to students.

I think Codesters is terrific. It's a well thought interface for both the student and teacher. I like it as a teaching tools because the program gives you all the help and support you need. I'm a teacher and not a computer programmer and I was able to learn all the lessons with the support from Codesters. When I first started using the program I was even trained by the Codester trainings using video conferencing. I had the support to email them any question that I had when I began to learn the program. All the tools you need such as videos, lesson plans, walkthroughs and slide decks are given to you. I found this very helpful. My students now get the benefits of problem solving how to code on the computer. I look forward to using more modules in the future and challenging my students with Codesters.
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