You don't have to be a computer programmer to teach Codesters Python Coding to students.

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I think Codesters is terrific. It's a well thought interface for both the student and teacher. I like it as a teaching tools because the program gives you all the help and support you need. I'm a teacher and not a computer programmer and I was able to learn all the lessons with the support from Codesters. When I first started using the program I was even trained by the Codester trainings using video conferencing. I had the support to email them any question that I had when I began to learn the program. All the tools you need such as videos, lesson plans, walkthroughs and slide decks are given to you. I found this very helpful. My students now get the benefits of problem solving how to code on the computer. I look forward to using more modules in the future and challenging my students with Codesters.

How I Use It

I use this product with every 7th grade student in my school. Each student completes the introductory lesson and the Python one module. Students complete each lesson in a 48 minute period. What has worked well is that my students love Codesters. It's been an easy way to learn a new software language. The program gives them immediate feedback and encouragement after each activity. I like that students create something new from the skills they just learned. Even though students login individually, I let students talk and help each other the whole period. I want them to share all the cool things they are creating. I like that the program gives the teacher a dashboard that keeps track of all the students scores on each activity in the lesson. The biggest challenge is to differentiate the instruction for students who have a lower reading level. I give these students support by having other students help them and by helping these students myself.