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Fun interactive video to help young children learn math!

This is a great way for children learning to add multiple numbers together since the child has to use multiple squares with dots on them to put under the sensor to add up to the number in the lit up bubble. It will not be helpful for children who can not abstractly understand the dots represent the numerical numbers unless they count out the numbers on the dots but there is a time limit so there may not be enough time to do that. It is great for children to have the visual of being able to see the numbers add up on the IPAD as they put each square with dots on it under the sensor.
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Numbers is a fantastic app that allows students to take their time and solve problems. The bubbles and fish element get users excited about making progress. The sensor that is placed on the top of the IPad records the numbers as they are placed, so if a student is attempting to place three 5s and one 2 to make 17, but they only place two 5s and one 2 down, the screen will read "12", and they can adjust accordingly.
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Math computation practice just got better!

One downside is to use the Numbers for OSMO, the OSMO kit is required. The kit includes the OSMO base station, OSMO Mirror, and OSMO math tiles. Many classrooms do not have enough OSMO kits to effectively run stations, so I like to recommend what I call "Collaborative Mission Options". In a collaborative mission, students would play a partner where each person is tasked with finding one attended (minuend, subtrahend, multiplier...) tile to place in front of the iPad.
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Engagement, perseverance and success are key components of Numbers for Osmo!

I love OSMO! One of my students, who hates doing pencil paper tasks, worked on addition for 60 minutes straight. I saw him struggle but battle through it until he was successful. This is a great tool to engage students! I have not found it if they have it, but would love to find a way to gather data as a student works through it. There may be a way, I just have not had a chance to find it.
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Fun Hands-on Math Practice

Osmo Numbers is a fabulous way for students to practice math facts and early counting skills. The app is bright, the fish cheerful, and there are positive reinforcements and no timer pressures. Students can always try again so there's no feeling of "I lost". I like the new feature of student accounts so I can monitor progress.
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Engaging hands-on way to incorporate technology

I love this as a highly engaging activity for them to do on the iPads. It's great when I need to meet with smaller groups to provide targeted intervention. The other students can use the Osmos. It would be great if I could tailor the content specifically to what I am teaching, but that is a lot to ask in an interactive app. The best part is that it combines screen time with cooperative learning. As a parent, I love letting my own kids use it when they want screen time.
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