Engagement, perseverance and success are key components of Numbers for Osmo!

Submitted 7 years ago
Allan D.
Allan D.
Francis Granger Middle School
Aurora IL, US
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My Take

I love OSMO! One of my students, who hates doing pencil paper tasks, worked on addition for 60 minutes straight. I saw him struggle but battle through it until he was successful. This is a great tool to engage students! I have not found it if they have it, but would love to find a way to gather data as a student works through it. There may be a way, I just have not had a chance to find it.

How I Use It

I have used Numbers for OSMO on an individual student basis. Students work at their own level and pace as the proceed through the different levels. Students use two different types of tile manipulatives: Dice and Numbers. The games are engaging and allow students to keep trying until they are successful. If a student is really struggling, small clues or hints pop up to help guide the student.