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Collaborative culture with Sutori

I like how Sutori lets my students take control of the content we are learning about. They are able to build upon their interests and develop it into concrete knowledge.
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Clear lesson plans, playful learning and personalized teaching material - that's what Sutori means to me!

I believe that the biggest advantage of Sutori is that it can motivate everyone. As a creative teacher, I truly get excited whenever I discover a new feature and my students love exploring my material while not even being aware of the process of learning. Besides, whenever I had any technical questions in connection wih the use of Sutori, I always got a quick response to my e-mails and a great help. It truly shaped my way of teaching in the best possible way and I intend to use it in my future, as well.
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Sutori Story-- a perfect tool for any teacher

I really like the set up and the ease of use.
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The best tool for middle school, social studies, engagement, enrichment, timeline, truly awsome

This is my favorite tool for my class. I'd like to be more interactive, immediate live responses and discussions
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Great interactive tool for teachers with young students

I enjoy how the Sutori community is set up so that teachers can utilize and adapt other Sutoris in the classroom. Sutori has been connected with Google Classroom, G+, Twitter, and Facebook, making sharing a breeze. Additionally, you have the option of creating a link or embedding a Sutori. The open-ended forums feature, as well as the ability to post questions to the timeline, is a useful feature. Overall, it's a fun and innovative approach to create rich content that goes beyond the basic, unchanging themes found in textbooks.
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Clean, Simple, Easy to Use Digital Tool!

Sutori serves as an effective tool for timeline, presentation and project creation. There is no initial price to complete a standard timeline making it easier for more students and classrooms to use the site. For a year long subscription it is $99 for educators but it is not necessary if you just used the basic tools. The software is easy to use and understand quickly, allowing students to adapt to the technology fairly quickly. I like that the collaboration feature on the site allows users to work simultaneously on the same project. In the age of digital learning the ability to collaborate on something is essential in a project based website. All in all I think that Sutori is a great tool that definitely has a place in both virtual and in person classrooms.
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Amazing tool!!!

Love the ability to add lots of different types of content! Only knock is the fee, wish it was more affordable for home use.
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Creating #GETOnBoard

Being the curator of the GETOnBoard platform, I needed to find a precise, smooth and easy access portal to display our monthly playlists in a creative, attractive and engaging way. After searching different ways, I stumbled upon Sutori and this is where I started to construct GETOnBoard. I have to admit this was my discovery of the year as one keyword I was looking for in creating the playlists was TIMELINE. And while browsing Sutori, I could see the tremendous creative and exciting potential that could happen and including sharing the platform with all teachers & students around the world. I personally love every calculated way, element and possibility to make the platform attractive and professional. We sincerely hope and believe that GETOnBoard will bring both teachers and students will enjoy creative sustainable learning ways in exploring the world around them.
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Excellent Resource For Developing Chronological Thinking Skills!

I think Sutori is an excellent teaching tool! I am planning on implementing Sutori more in future classes! I cannot wait to use it in a student-centered way!
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Great interactive site for teachers and students alike!

I enjoy using Sutori and creating my own "stories". My overall opinion is that it is a wonderful teaching tool. It helps me to provide some information, but then pause and allow the students to then become the investigators, the researchers, and the experts. In addtion, sometimes you need to change things up, make things interactive and visually appealing for the students. Sutori is a great platform for that! It can serve my students and my style of teaching better than some of the other platforms out there because they remain engaged and it is interactive.
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