Sutori Story-- a perfect tool for any teacher

Submitted 2 years ago
Brandy L.
Brandy L.
Trafford Middle School
Trafford PA, US
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My Take

I really like the set up and the ease of use.

How I Use It

I teach both in a middle school social studies classroom as well as a freshman college setting, and I have used Sutori to share information with both groups of students. I love that there are some "already created" Sutori stories from which I could select basic information. I also love building my own "timelines", so that students can see the information I would typically include in a PowerPoint, Slide Deck, or maybe a Prezi in a whole new presentation format. I have used the "free version" for well over a year and am just now getting ready to switch over to the paid platform, so I can use more of the awesome features.

I use this to share information to students for Flipped learning as well as in class learning, extension, and review of various topics. I have created guided notes for students to complete along with a Sutori story. I have embedded links, questions, and other content for further exploration of a specific topic.