Clear lesson plans, playful learning and personalized teaching material - that's what Sutori means to me!

Submitted 1 year ago
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I believe that the biggest advantage of Sutori is that it can motivate everyone. As a creative teacher, I truly get excited whenever I discover a new feature and my students love exploring my material while not even being aware of the process of learning.
Besides, whenever I had any technical questions in connection wih the use of Sutori, I always got a quick response to my e-mails and a great help.
It truly shaped my way of teaching in the best possible way and I intend to use it in my future, as well.

How I Use It

I use Sutori not only for my own studies, but for my job, as well. This amazing tool was introduced to me during my teacher training programme and I soon realised how easy it is to create lesson plans with it.
I teach English and Italian in both public and private education. I have already used Sutori in smaller and larger groups - in person and online.
According to my students, Sutori stories are extraordinarily easy to follow and it doesn't mean any difficulty to them to use it at home, either. They just love all the extra pictures, videos and games I implement in my stories and differentiation is absolutely possible with it!
Thanks to all the lovely features and possibilities of Sutori, I can always show something new to my students who truly enjoy this modern, playful and practical way of learning.