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Very specific information, not applicable to all SS/Sci curriculum

Some of their resources sounded really cool, like Nutrients for Humanity, where students help solve food shortage issues in Africa by studying nutrients in soil. However, the link to this resource brought us to page that said the page had moved. Similarly, the Decoding Mars resource where students study patterns on Earth to search for water on Mars, however to truly explore this resource students have to be individually registered. Overall I felt that while this resource had some thoughtful options, none were easily nor quickly applied in the classroom.
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Explore the entire history of our planet from your classroom

Virtual museum tours are slowly becoming possible and available for many of the larger museums worldwide. Since they are still relatively new, there are many ways to make it more interactive and enjoyable. I think the Smithsonian should and will devote more resources to make this tour an easier to use and fun site to visit in the future.
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Explore the Smithsonian Natural History Museum without the travel.

I love that this site allows students to visit a museum and discover things they may have never been able to see before. The site can be used on a computer or mobile device and has an incredible zoom so that you can see all of the exhibits just like you would if you were actually there.
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