Very specific information, not applicable to all SS/Sci curriculum

Submitted 6 years ago
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Some of their resources sounded really cool, like Nutrients for Humanity, where students help solve food shortage issues in Africa by studying nutrients in soil. However, the link to this resource brought us to page that said the page had moved. Similarly, the Decoding Mars resource where students study patterns on Earth to search for water on Mars, however to truly explore this resource students have to be individually registered.
Overall I felt that while this resource had some thoughtful options, none were easily nor quickly applied in the classroom.

How I Use It

I was hoping the Smithsonian would have some resources to complement our 5th grade science or social studies curriculum. Unfortunately, none of the resources on their website were relevant to 5th grade. We study the history of the United States from Native Americans through the revolutionary war, and they had no resources on these topics. Similarly, we study robotics, energy and human development and their science information was centered around the history of our planet. Therefore, if you study biology or the solar system, these resources might be more relevant for you.