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Online education tools worth using!

A cloud-based classroom scheduling application that helps teachers to create, distribute, and analyze student knowledge from a variety of devices.Teachers can use real-time student feedback to make timely adjustments to lesson plans.
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I think this is a PHENOMENAL TOOL that can be used in most any classroom to provide instruction and assess learning. I LOVE that ClassFlow is device agnostic and can be used with various grade levels! There's almost no end to the ways ClassFlow can be implemented in classrooms.
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ClassFlow is a great way to give ever student a voice!

I believe it is a great tool that gives every student a. Pics in the room. It gives the teacher the ability to differentiate without drawing attention to anyone. It also gives the teacher the ability to show student examples without showing names so they can use the work to show what is going right or wrong.
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Best Free Interactive Presentation Tool!

I love this tool! I have been using it for a couple of years now. The company is very responsive to feedback and their help desk offers free videos and a help chat messaging feature. I love that it is free with many company and teacher made lessons that you can download and use (most are editable as well). My favorite features are the various polling options and activity features such as being able to build matching games, word searches, and more. There is a bit of a learning curve when you start making lessons but there are instructional videos that can help walk you through it.
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ClassFlow has been a game changer for student engagement during whole group mini lessons and small group instruction

I can't imagine delivering lessons to my students without ClassFlow! The live polls are obviously my favorite feature but I also like that you can add activities such as matching, sequencing, crossword puzzles, Venn diagrams right into the lesson and whatever is on my screen I can push out to student devices.
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A huge step backwards. It is tedious, glitchy and has fewer options than ActivInspire. The interactive board can't draw shapes or lines, the undo button crashes almost every time. Can't write over documents or desktop. Way more limited options.

This seems like a great resource for high school students who all have an electronic devise to follow along but for elementary schools with limited computer access this features is less helpful. I have lost all of the interactive, fun lesson features from ActivInspire in exchange for connecting electronic devices that my student's don't have. It has cost me more than it has saved trying to recreate old lessons and learn a system that is not intuitive. Our trainer was very willing and tried to be helpful but most of our questions were answered by "we no longer have that feature, maybe in the update." There are lots of bugs that need to be worked out and fewer options that I like. It really feels like this product is unfinished.
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I believe CLASS FLAW is interesting tool both for teacher and students .

I believe it makes my classroom less boring.
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Great tool for math class.

This tool, while still in beta, is great. The company responds promptly and thoroughly to any concerns posted in their support community. They regularly tweak and add features. Makes it very easy to ensure lessons are interactive. Lots of room to "grow" into the tool as you think of new ways to use it.
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Useful tool for keeping students engaged and collecting individual data.

ClassFlow is a free product created by Promethean that combines several products in one including interactive flipcharts and a student response system. Since our school uses Promethean products (ClassFlow also works with SMART files) and is 1:1 with student devices, it seemed like a no-brainer to try this product. ClassFlow worked best when I used it with small groups. It's a great tool for individualizing instruction and collecting data. Unfortunately, it is not the easiest tool to use. However, their customer service is excellent - they always respond to questions quickly and are interested in user feedback to improve the platform. If you are tech savvy and teach in a 1:1 environment, I recommend giving ClassFlow a try now. If not, wait for a later improved version. I'm a little surprised ClassFlow is recommended for grades 6-12. I think it is ideal for all ages, possibly more so for elementary students. I currently use NearPod with high school students and because of the technical problems with ClassFlow, I will continue to prefer NearPod for the near future.
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Great tool to deliver content to individual student devices.

Overall, this is a nice instructional tool to have when working with small groups of students. I like how students have the ability to manipulate objects, answer formative assessments, and see the learning content that the teacher wants to deliver. I like how students can send their work back to the teacher. This is great because the teacher has the ability to review all of the work that students complete on their own computer/device. This serves students better than a traditional lesson, because each student has the ability to participate in a learning activity at their own pace. There are definitely improvements that need to be made to Classflow. However, if you are a teacher that already has flipcharts created on ActivInspire, this is a resource worth checking out.
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