A huge step backwards. It is tedious, glitchy and has fewer options than ActivInspire. The interactive board can't draw shapes or lines, the undo button crashes almost every time. Can't write over documents or desktop. Way more limited options.

Submitted 6 years ago
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This seems like a great resource for high school students who all have an electronic devise to follow along but for elementary schools with limited computer access this features is less helpful. I have lost all of the interactive, fun lesson features from ActivInspire in exchange for connecting electronic devices that my student's don't have. It has cost me more than it has saved trying to recreate old lessons and learn a system that is not intuitive. Our trainer was very willing and tried to be helpful but most of our questions were answered by "we no longer have that feature, maybe in the update." There are lots of bugs that need to be worked out and fewer options that I like. It really feels like this product is unfinished.

How I Use It

I wanted to load Flipcharts I already created. Objects are layered wrong, magic ink, containers and other fun features no longer work. I have had to recreate hours of lesson material because it did not sync with the new system. I want to show PowerPoints that I have created but they are small images of the PowerPoint and cannot be manipulated or enlarged. I want to draw shapes at the board to demonstrate math vocabulary like diameter, circumference etc. but the interactive board does not offer shapes or even straight lights. I have tried to use the lesson creator tool to draw these shapes with my class but it is slow and lags. If I make a mistake drawing. I click the undo button and almost every time it will crash the system. My students work at the board is sloppy because they scribble it out rather than take the time to erase with the tiny eraser. There are only six colors for the interactive board, it seems way more limited when trying to match the colors on my student worksheets, especially those with pennies (there is no brown). I can't even change the background color of the interactive white board. I want to project documents of my worksheets for my students to write over but this feature is no longer available. I have to upload every document individually rather than just annotating over already existing documents. Again, hours of work creating lessons that now need to be individually converted over. I use the internet option to go to the same websites every day and have to type it in every time. I really wish there were a bookmark option. Mirroring other screens is a fantastic tool that I am excited about but when playing video or using the mouse there is a lag that makes it very difficult to use.

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