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Virtual Laboratory

Labster is a very useful tool especially for online classes. It provides alternative laboratory activity that instructors can provide in lieu of experiments that experiments that can't be run anymore due to resources. Also, it is very interactive and some students find it very engaging and very informative.
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Bridged the gap for my virtual lab needs

-Affordable -Super large variety of courses/virtual simulations to choose from -Excellent customer support -Very stable platform with virtually no "down time"
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Transformative Teaching and Learning Tech Tool

Labster has increased student engagement and achievement in my Advanced Placement Environmental Science as well as my other courses.
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Poor choice for Community College Students

personally used this software and it was ok. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't get a refund after dropping my BIO class. The first week we had to do two simulations which automatically disqualifies me for a refund. However I dropped the class with more than enough time for the refund date for my college. $99 is a lot for many community colleges student. The refund policy is too harsh.
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Decent overall, but dated and there are comparable free options out there.

I think overall its a decent teaching tool for science labs/simulations, but its really expensive for what you get. School district wide it can get super pricey, especially when newer free simulation options like Inspirit are coming out. I hope they continue to roll out new features on top of simulations, and I like their standards alignment.
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Not as advertised. Like a cheap video game from the 1980s.

Waste of money.
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Horrible! Crashed several times for the titration lab. Would not recommend, it is a waste of time.

Horrible overall
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