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Adam H.
Adam H.
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-Super large variety of courses/virtual simulations to choose from
-Excellent customer support
-Very stable platform with virtually no "down time"

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I have been teaching online Biology courses (lecture and labs) for many years. While a "live" lab is always ideal, this is just not possible for my 100% online courses. Enter LABSTER! I typically wrote my own labs or used online materials from other Universities for most of my online lab courses. However, many of these labs used JAVA as their platform and when JAVA went dark about 2 years ago, I was panicking about how much material I was goingt ohave to replace. A collegue suggested LABSTER and it was just perfect for me. I was able to negotiate a tailored package for my courses that was very reasonable and affordable. There were so many labs to choose from and these labs met almost all of my course objectives. Students really enjoyed the new platform and it has been a tremendous success in my classes.

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