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Great tool for teaching figure drawing

So easy to use, and students get really fascinated. Students generate so many questions and class discussions really get going.
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Great illustrations and explicit detail but needs more interaction

I think the application is overall a great idea, but needs more engaging features to help students learn. The simplicity of the engagement activities could cause students to lose interest quickly. The only learning a student can portray here is rote. Clicking on plus signs over and over again to commit to long-term memory can cause students to lose focus quickly. Games or timed activities might enhance this program. The illustrations are wonderful and very detailed. The 3D images are nice and spark interest. The overall concept is good and the app can be used to strengthen basic anatomy. I just fear students will lose interest quickly with no variety only repetition.
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3D Anatomy Helps Students Learn

Overall, this is a great tool to practice various structures within the body. Being able to manipulate the structures and zoom in on various parts is helpful. Other than practicing these structures, the app lacks some in engagement. Students tend to tire of it quickly, but it can be useful in introducing the structures and continued practice.
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