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Great Interactive for Environmental Learning

I think that this is a great construction tool. Any game that incorporates learning for the students, I am a fan of.
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Hybrid interactive Learning Tool

Along with games, videos and interactive apps, the website contains examples of hands-on science activities. I have utilized several science experiments pertaining to the water-cycle and lessons on cloud. My targeted audience is grades 2-4, the content presented on Plum Landing is great for this age and grade.
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An high-energy and engaging exposure to basic ecosystem and environmental issues

I thought this was a great tool to introduce the idea of ecosystems to students and capture their interest but I wish there were additional resources for students to go a little deeper. Although the site introduces a lot of concepts and vocabulary, students had a hard time remembering everything they were exposed to and it would be nice if there were some more activities added to reinforce their learning. I really liked the interactive and creation-based elements of the site, so the games where students could "take photos" and create drawings. They encouraged them to be reflective and actively thinking about what they were doing and learning. The educator resources are wonderful and I would like to see some photos and examples from actual camps and groups that have tried the activities added to the site. The Plum Landing site could be great to integrate into a single unit in a science class or as an after-school club but students would need access to devices and ideally time to engage in the hands-on extension activities to really get the most out of the experience.
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Great Game-Based Learning Platform for Habitats

Overall, I felt that PBS Kids Plum Landing was a valuable science resource for my students. I liked the fact that this platform was accessible to my students via website or app. I also felt that this platform provided learners with multiple opportunities to learn and extend learning further. I believe that by providing my students with interactive, hands-on learning opportunities, they not only enjoy learning but retain what is learned.
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