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Improving Reading Through Lexia

It is a great way to individualize instruction in a creative and fun way for students to be motivated to improve and work towards a goal .
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Lexia for GT Students

I love Lexia for my higher readers, because I can choose activities from the teacher materials to help my GT kids enrich their learning. When a student is struggling, they get a "red apple" and can come right to me. I can also see what they are struggling with and can do a mini lesson to help them.
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Secret to my student's reading success!

I feel that this program can create magic in your classroom. I know it helps my students so much regardless of what level they are on at the beginning of the year. All of the students benefit from this program because it meets each student's need specifically to the areas that they are struggling in. Most programs I've used before this don't do that. I also truly love the lessons that go with the areas that the students need extra help. I use these during my Guided Reading time. I also have volunteers that work with small groups using the added lesson materials provided. I feel overall that my students are getting all of the help they need to become great readers and I know that Lexia Core 5 is a big part of their success.
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Lexia Grows Readers!

I love Lexia! My students are 100% engaged and whenever they use Lexia. It is so easy to use. It is truly a comprehensive program. Reading the student reports, and class overview or progress reports are easy. Additionally, lessons and activities that are supplemental for Direct Instruction are excellent. Once students know their username and password, they can log into Lexia anywhere. I've noticed that students get excited when they have had exposure to a skill on Lexia before it is explicitly taught or introduced during phonics. Lexia is a comprehensive program all students should have access to.
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Individualized literacy lessons will keep students engaged!

Overall, Lexia Reading Core 5 is a great program to individualize instruction and guided practice for students. I like how the program will not let students go on until they have mastered a concept. The data that is gathered is vital to my decisions on intervention lessons for each student, and there are resources within the program to help with direct instruction lessons. My one criticism is that I wish there was a section for speaking. All students, not just ELL, can benefit from speaking practice.
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Dynamic Content for Struggling Readers and English Language Learners

This should be in use at schools with struggling readers and a high population of English Language Learners. This program is expensive, however, I have personally seen major growth from students who have used the platform. If you can teach your students how to type your email address it will be a major help for you. Try it and see for yourself!
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Individualized ELA Practice Aligned to CCS

Lexia is easy to use. The teacher dashboard is very helpful and provides me with specific targeted information about how well each child is understanding the concept they are working on. When a child demonstrates some frustration, Lexia flags that child's name, and has a link to a lesson I can print out and use 1:1 or in a small group in class to reinforce the content. I like the way that Lexia practice starts out at a standard level of practice, but slows down to a more guided practice level if students are having difficulty, and then slows down even more to explicit teaching if there's a need. My struggling, on level, and advanced students all enjoy the program.
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Nice way to fill the "gaps" in individual student's learning, especially older students who are far behind

I think it is great! It makes for ease of differentiating and re-mediating for the older kids in a way that does not hurt their pride and allows my younger students to advance as quickly as they are able. It also make parent conferences easier with all of the informative reports. Plus I can use the printed out skill sheets in one-one tutoring sessions.
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Gamification and personalized learning at its finest! Engaging students and supporting teachers by providing data driven action plans.

I think this tool engages my students through gamification. I like that my kids are excited to learn! Sometimes it was hard to find 60 minutes a week to find time to do this, but the schedule is flexible.
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"Research proven" way to create a "reading to learn" student from K to 5th grade.

This tool is a must-have for this level. Imagine the leaps and bounds that could be made in reading instruction at this crucial age set. Students are given personal pathways of learning and the teacher is still able to maintain creative control of the learning process using data-driven information provided by the program. This website is attractive, engaging, and pedagogically perfect for instruction. The platform is user-friendly for teacher and student.
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