Secret to my student's reading success!

Submitted 4 years ago
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I feel that this program can create magic in your classroom. I know it helps my students so much regardless of what level they are on at the beginning of the year. All of the students benefit from this program because it meets each student's need specifically to the areas that they are struggling in. Most programs I've used before this don't do that. I also truly love the lessons that go with the areas that the students need extra help. I use these during my Guided Reading time. I also have volunteers that work with small groups using the added lesson materials provided. I feel overall that my students are getting all of the help they need to become great readers and I know that Lexia Core 5 is a big part of their success.

How I Use It

In my classroom we not only do Lexia a few times a week, but my students also do Lexia at home. They are so motivated to do this program. They love gaining units and passing off to the next level. Each week when i hand out the certificates to the children that leveled up everyone cheers. This is one of the highlights of my classroom each week. I have seen such great growth in all of my students regardless if they were low literacy or advanced learners. This program is a winner in my class!

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