Lexia Grows Readers!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I love Lexia! My students are 100% engaged and whenever they use Lexia. It is so easy to use. It is truly a comprehensive program. Reading the student reports, and class overview or progress reports are easy. Additionally, lessons and activities that are supplemental for Direct Instruction are excellent. Once students know their username and password, they can log into Lexia anywhere. I've noticed that students get excited when they have had exposure to a skill on Lexia before it is explicitly taught or introduced during phonics. Lexia is a comprehensive program all students should have access to.

How I Use It

Lexia meets readers where they are! Students are given access to skills and strategies that will help them to grow as readers.
Also, students are rewarded as they move up levels depending on mastery of a given skill. --Certificates are also generated for every level that students move up. If a student needs direct instruction on a particular skill, a teacher can see this on the class overview, and Lexia will provide a lesson and activity sheets for the instructor to us. Lexia introduces students to a phonics, vocabulary, and/or comprehension skill. However, if the student needs direct instruction, Lexia provides resources.