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Great way for students to learn about politics!

I loved this app as a teaching tool because it allows the students to have a sense of autonomy in this mini-political process. Reading about politics and the electoral process from textbooks can be informative, but it is not usually a very stimulating way to learn for the average student. With this interactive tool, students will have a more meaningful learning experience because they are investing their time into a fun civics lesson. Learning about campaign money, the voting process, and the influence of the media will prepare students to form their own opinions in real-life politics.
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Win the White House is a fun game that helps students apply information about the election process.

Once again icivics knocks it out of the park by taking a game that is extremely fun for students and applies information the helps them learn. The game was able to keep the students attention and they wanted to play the game again. I liked that much information about the election process is included in the game. Also, I liked how the game taught about current political situations and helped the students choose what was most important. The game should be used as an aid in teaching not as the main teaching tool.
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Engage Students with an Campaign Simulation

Win the White House by iCivics is a fun and engaging way for students to learn how complicated it is to run for President. Students have to select a party and the issues that are important to them. They then need to raise money for the campaign, conduct polls, run ads and visit states. Students are forced to think about the importance of money, targeting ads and strategically thinking. The game is fun for all students even if they are not political junkies. I really like that students do not need a login, although if they create an account their scores and games will be saved. I also like how there are different levels for different ages (elementary, middle school and high school).
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