Great way for students to learn about politics!

Submitted 5 years ago
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I loved this app as a teaching tool because it allows the students to have a sense of autonomy in this mini-political process. Reading about politics and the electoral process from textbooks can be informative, but it is not usually a very stimulating way to learn for the average student. With this interactive tool, students will have a more meaningful learning experience because they are investing their time into a fun civics lesson. Learning about campaign money, the voting process, and the influence of the media will prepare students to form their own opinions in real-life politics.

How I Use It

A great way to use this app according to different grade levels. If you are using this to teach elementary school students, it would be a good avenue to introduce them to the election process. Students can be assigned homework from the app, and then discuss their personal experiences with "campaigning" while in class.