Win the White House is a fun game that helps students apply information about the election process.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

Once again icivics knocks it out of the park by taking a game that is extremely fun for students and applies information the helps them learn. The game was able to keep the students attention and they wanted to play the game again. I liked that much information about the election process is included in the game. Also, I liked how the game taught about current political situations and helped the students choose what was most important. The game should be used as an aid in teaching not as the main teaching tool.

How I Use It

Win the white house is a game inside the teacher approved website icivics. I used this game to aid in my teaching about how a president is elected. The students were thought about the election process, the requirements to be a presidents, taking a stance on issues, importance of voting etc. The students were able to apply and further their knowledge on the election process. While the website aids with information students need to be redirected. The teacher needs to keep the focus on the information as the aspect of the game can take over in the students mind. The students thoroughly enjoyed playing the video.