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Great tool for keeping teachers, students, and parents organized!

Google Calendar is a great tool for organizing and keeping track of deadlines and assignments. If students are taught how to enter information on the calendar and have frequent access to their calendar, it can be helpful. If students do not have access to the online calendar, then this would not be the best tool for you. It can also help communicate information to parents.
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Google calendars are a great tool for helping students manage their workload and learn organization and planning.

Google Calendars can be extremely helpful in teaching student to organize their work load, plan ahead for project deadlines, and juggle a busy academic schedule. This is particularly useful for Middle- and High-Schoolers as they begin taking multiple classes.
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Organization done easily

Google Calendar is a great tool that is free for any Google user to help them keep things organized. It provides the user the ability to create and share multiple calendars for various purposes. The ability to invite individuals to meetings (just as you can with other paid products) helps with scheduling appointments. The ability to sync with devices and have access to calendars from anywhere with an internet connection makes it very easily to stay organized. The ability to no longer sync using Active Sync does however make it harder to syne with some devices.
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