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Great way to make creative videos for multiple things. Fun for users to add music as background. They can use pictures or upload videos. Very fun and easy.

Great way for students to learn to work together to create a video that they all love.
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Easy to use picture presentation tool.

My students would document the process they used for creating something, or show the steps of solving a problem. It was a great and entertaining way to show a process. This app gives students voice and choice in their creations!
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Great for Vocabulary

I really like this app for a quick presentation. It is easy to use, and the kids really love it. I have found that many of my students use it outside of class, so it is nice that most are already familiar with it.
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Great way students to show off their "Best of."

This product would hold students accountable, would allow them to review, or self reflect on the topics, they have learned throughout the school year.
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Easy way to showcase photos creatiely

I liked that it is styled very similarly to other picture presentations apps, so students who use smart phone regularly were able to use this app with very little teacher instruction. Those who had never used something similar before were able to easily navigate through the app with a little support. All students were able to be engaged and participate in the making of the product, which doesn't always happen in group projects.
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Create a slideshow FAST!

Flipagram is extremely useful for students who are intimidated by technology. It is also a quick way to show administrators, teachers, and parents student accomplishments. This is not a tool for perfectionists. This is a simple, fast way to create a slideshow.
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