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Its a good product for word processing.

Though its a great product, I found it very difficult to change formats from and to Microsoft word. Changing the file type also brought in change in formatting of the documents. So where as it is good on its own it is not very easy for cross platform usage.
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Pages for my Pages!

I think students should be exposed to all tools available to them and be able to make informed decisions based on what they do for the individual learner. As a word processor, Pages is great.
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Pages is more than a word processor - Create products with visual flair!

Pages is a fabulous app for creating and demonstrating quality work for your students. Your students will enjoy it as well. You can simply use it as word processor and/or create amazing model projects for you students. You can also make tables and graphs for math, and/or bring in shapes or pictures. When you bring in pictures, you can label parts of the picture with text boxes. The app also features some advanced writing tools and there are some coaching tips to help you learn about the available features. Like any app, there is a learning curve before you become completely comfortable navigating around. I would suggest that you spend some time exploring before using this app in front of the students. You don't have to be an expert at it though! Your students will start telling you how to use it in no time!
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Templates make word processing a breeze!

Because students are so accustomed to using the QWERTY keyboard and drag and drop feature, students are able to be very productive in a short amount of class time. The templates are attractive and the variety motivates students while encouraging creativity.
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Pages has many features that allow students to create and think critically around any content.

When teaching in an ipad classroom, Pages is a must. Pages functions much like microsoft word or googledocs, however if you have a classroom with ipads Pages allows you to do so much more than any of the previously named tools. Pages allows students to create flyers, posters and word process. What I have found extremely exciting about pages is its graphing feature. Students can create all sorts of graphs and charts in order to analyze data, and share their information. It allows for a lot of student creativity which is always important in the classroom. One feature that would improve pages dramatically, is if you could share documents, similar to googledrive. The only way to get work off of Pages is to export it as a pdf to another program which allows you to share (a tad clunky).
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No need for Microsoft in the Apple envirnoment

Microsoft Office is no longer the "go to" application suite available to teachers and students. The best part about Pages as an app is that is is almost identical to Pages on OSX. Teaching students proper word processing skills such as typing and formatting is no longer limited to a full OS version of a Microsoft suite. In addition, if you are in an environment that uses both Macs and iPads for instruction, Pages is great in that it makes the transition between devices and platforms easy and seamless. In a 1:1 environment where students have unique iTunes logins they can sync their Pages documents across devices and move between the iPad and the iPad/MacBook, working on the same file, in an instant.
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