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I think the product itself is a great way to take social stories to a portable and technologically accessible level for students today. As a teacher who has been teaching students with ASD for many years, this tool cuts down on much of the work I had to do relying on printing pictures and laminating books. My students appreciated seeing pictures of themselves or of our environment in color, and hearing a familiar voice on the pages brought a smile to many of their faces. I do believe that the tool is easy to use and to construct social stories, but the cost of the full version app may be too steep for teachers who are trying to get tech into their classrooms. Each individual, pre-made social story costs $0.99; to purchase all of the stories is $19.99. With the free version you get the option to create two social stories; but to create unlimited stories and have the option to print and share, you need to have the pro upgrade which is $24.99-this does include all of the pre-made stories as well.
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