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New limits have ruined the free service

They've recently changed the character count so even individual messages are limited to 140 characters. The 140 character limit for whole group announcements was Remind's biggest flaw - making that applicable to individual messages as well means it is not longer useful at all. I can't limit all my communications with students to 140 characters and I can't ask them to receive 2 or 3 or more texts every time we communicate. I will be researching and finding another service for the fall. (It also sucks that they are implementing this in the middle of the school year. :/)
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Great way to keep in contact with your class outside of the classroom!

I really like how this sends reminders out to students cell phones rather than in email format. I think it's a more effective way of communicating with students because they are always on their phones and so they're more likely to see it. It's great because you can do this without giving out your phone number to students!
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Great for Parent Communication

I love Remind for simply keeping in touch with Parents. it is especially helpful to communicate with my Parents who speak a different language. I love that it has a translator for both myself and the parent to use. The only con I have is when I am sending a group message to inform ALL parents, there is a limit on how may characters may be used. I usually have to send multiple messages to get out what I am trying to tell the whole class.
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Does the job!

As a teaching tool, I don't use it often. Occasionally I have been able to send parents and students links to resources, assignments or videos that improve learning or assure that students turn-in assignments in a timely manner. I like that it is easier to access than traditional school email - especially when traveling on school field trips
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Remind helps teachers and administrators get pertinent information out to their students.

Remind is a fantastic communication tool to help students know what will be expected on any particular day--NO SURPRISES!
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Wouldn't hurt to have a reminder!

I love this app and what is it capable of doing. It gives a certain time that is set up "office hours" so that you cant send out messages past a certain time or can not receive any from anybody else. To have my students be prepared/ in the know for class throughout the week is helpful to keep them all on task and keep them on top of their game for learning. It is a way to make sure everyone know what is going on because there is always that one student that isn't paying attention in class. I really loved this app and plan on using it when I start officially teaching.
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Definitely worth the download!

i love this product and recommend it to all teachers. i like that it can send to the whole class and everyone and everyone can get the alerts at once.
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This app is perfect for reaching out to my students outside of school hours. I can send reminders to my students for upcoming tests, quizzes and assignments. My students can also send me a message when they have a question about a homework assignment.

I love this app! I use it in all of my classes and it seems as if all of my students that sign up for it love it too. There are only two drawbacks I can think of. First, not all students may have the means to download this app. Second, there is a message size limit. Other than that I highly recommend this tool.
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Easy tool to use to connect with students via texts messages!

I loved this app! But our school now uses Google Apps for Edu for almost everything and the Remind account that was set up was before we had Google Apps for Edu. I think this year we will be moving away from Remind and going to create a Google Classroom for NHS. This way students will be individually invited by the their email and will not have to specially follow on remind. So when students say they do not know what is going on or did not get the assignment/announcement then the teacher can say that students were invited to classroom and all announcements are there. Students will not longer had the excuse of saying they didn't know the remind code to follow (which they were all given at the first NHS meeting in the agenda). This is not really a critique on app. The apps itself was so easy to use and I love how it easy it was so communicate with students.
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Remind helps with reminders

As a teching tool remind, I can send out a class remind message to inform my students about an upcoming test or reminder that a due date is near for an assignment. I will continue to use remind in my class for years to come because they are continuing to update the program with new features.
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