Easy tool to use to connect with students via texts messages!

Submitted 4 years ago
Carrie  G.
Carrie G.
Leicester High School
Leicester MA, US
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My Take

I loved this app! But our school now uses Google Apps for Edu for almost everything and the Remind account that was set up was before we had Google Apps for Edu. I think this year we will be moving away from Remind and going to create a Google Classroom for NHS. This way students will be individually invited by the their email and will not have to specially follow on remind. So when students say they do not know what is going on or did not get the assignment/announcement then the teacher can say that students were invited to classroom and all announcements are there. Students will not longer had the excuse of saying they didn't know the remind code to follow (which they were all given at the first NHS meeting in the agenda). This is not really a critique on app. The apps itself was so easy to use and I love how it easy it was so communicate with students.

How I Use It

For the last five years, I have been a Library Media Specialist and a National Honor Society advisor for three of those years. I used this tool to communicate with students. I would send messages from my computer on remind. com and it would send text messages to students. I loved it and it was really effective in communicating with students. I liked that it popped up on the kids phones like text messages (without actually texting to students... I do not like the idea of having students numbers and it might be against school policy anyway) because I knew they would get the messages as they are always on their phones. Example of some messages that I would announce to NHS were: NHS' Red Cross Blood was successful. 19 units of blood were collected and this can save up to 57 lives. Thank you to all who donated, Call for Bio tutor! Let me know if you can. Thanks!, and Reminder: Meeting tomorrow in the auditorium. Mandatory.