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Submitted 4 years ago
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As a teaching tool, I don't use it often. Occasionally I have been able to send parents and students links to resources, assignments or videos that improve learning or assure that students turn-in assignments in a timely manner. I like that it is easier to access than traditional school email - especially when traveling on school field trips

How I Use It

I have used Remind to share resources with students and parents. I have used Remind to send out follow-up reminders about upcoming deadlines. Students have been able to ask me questions almost on-demand. I also use Remind when on field trips to communicate with parents and students without disclosing my personal cell phone number. The communication has worked well. I've seen more students turn assignments in on time and I've had greater peace of mind when traveling on field trips as I can quickly make sure that no one is lost. The hardest part of using Remind is that students without cell phones don't check their email notifications either.