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yes im very happy
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TES Teach

Again, interesting that an 'educational' site has no contact via their web site. On that merit alone, I would stay clear of the site. I'm also questioning the validity of your web site as well. Bet you don't respond to this comment!
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An excellent tool for putting all your resources together

I think this would be a great tool if you were curating resources for a certain topic. If you are teaching about westward expansion and wanted to give students a wide variety of resources, this is a place you can put them all in one place. Students could watch a video, read original documents, and play games based on westward expansion by visiting this one location.
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All In One Blendspace!

This is a great teaching tool as well as a student project tool. I was able to create a lesson with a links to video, google drive so students can collaborate on answering questions, Padlet for classroom brainstorming, Exit Ticket to assess understanding during the lesson, and Quizziz to assess learning at the end of the lesson. I teach third grade and my kids can easily work through each "frame" of the lesson easily. It allowed me to add a lot of different types of tech tools with one easy access point for the students. This lesson can be done as a class, especially good for using it the first time, or independently when the kids have become familiar with it. Students could also create their own Blendspace as a project, a good alternative to the usual slideshow report. I really like this tool and haven't found any glitches or anything I didn't like so far.
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Blendspace: The Perfect Tool to Curate Content for Unit Design

I really do believe that Blendspace is an awesome tool for creating full multimedia units. I recommend that teams of teachers work together to curate resources for their subject, theme, or department. These curated Blendspaces can then be updated as needed, and they really facilitate team development of a well-developed shared resources. Quite honestly, Blendspace is the tool I recommend to others most often.
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The interface is terrible and there are plenty of action problems where nothing at all happens when something is clicked. I would not recommend this, it'll keep you up late at night trying to overcome all of the bugs.

It does not make teaching better.
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Resources at your fingertips!

Very helpful in the continuity of lessons!
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Blendspace: student or teacher created & allows for exploration of different media files

As a teaching tool, Blendspace seamlessly allows teachers to display any type of content through a variety of media types. The videos were a favorite with my students, but I found that it was the first thing the students went to and many did not read all of the articles/documents posted or see some of the photographs provided. In the future, I might limit it to 1-2 videos so that the students have enough time to visit the other files. I really liked that the students were able to comment on to the video, and in the future I would like to add that on to the requirements (and not optional), instead of solely working with their partner or whole-class discussions afterwards. One thing that both my students and I found frustrating was that once the posted quiz was taken, the students were not able to reset it. The questions stayed marked as correct/incorrect, and they could not re-test later on. I also wish that Blendspace was a little more editable. The titles for each resource were small and not easily read until the box is selected. Even then the text is small and cannot be changed. However, overall, the site was easy to use, mostly interactive and engaging for students, and can be used in a variety of ways.
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Create and Collaborate

Just learning how to use this tool but it has lots of potential.
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BlendSpace Makes Going Blended A No-Brainer!

Overview BlendSpace is a powerful website tool that allows teachers to create, and students to access, lessons built around the blended teaching design. It is an attractive site, having a wikispaces look/feel. In fact, both services are now under the TEF Global banner, so using them together is easier than ever. This means that BlendSpace premium is now free! This tool would be a powerful addition to any wikispaces classroom. Also, BlendSpace can easily stand alone, though I see synergies in using both platforms to teach blended or online courses. Signing up is a snap, taking only seconds. The 30-second video that pops up when you click “Make Lesson” for the first time explains the power of BlendSpace superbly. The real magic of the service is in the right-hand portion of the lesson window, which is a search engine that pulls down videos and resources related to your search term. All you have to do is choose to search YouTube, Flickr, Educreations, or connect to DropBox, or other services. So, instead of having to take the extra steps of searching resources, BlendSpace does it for you without ever having to leave the lesson planning screen. Further, you are able to upload your own resources. Taken together, these aspects make for a powerful, flexible, and impressively easy experience that results in slick looking online lessons. Concerns None, really. The magic of BlendSpace is in its ease of use. Novices are invited! Sample Uses This site has to be a “go to” site for blended or online learning. When used in conjunction with LiveBinders, wikispaces, etc., a teacher can build a powerful and robust course. Do I plan to use it? No. My school has a powerful and useful LMS, Canvas, which meets my needs. If this school did not have Canvas, and I were in the US, then certainly I would use this tool. Commitment and Learning Curve Easy-Medium. Even less “techie” people can use this site. The first time through will take maybe 30 minutes to make a powerful lesson, but time savings will be realized with repeated use. Best for ES MS or HS? Teachers Cost: Free!!! Due to TEF Global’s (owner of wikispaces) acquisition on BlendSpace, BlendSpace Premium is now free! Website Link:
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